Bridge Coaching
Price: $75 per session
A single purchase provides a Guide for yourself, and a Patient, Caregiver or Provider of your choice.
If you, or someone you care about has received a cancer diagnosis, no question is too embarrassing and no fear should be felt alone. Our Bridge Coaches can work with individuals, or patients and caregivers together, as you journey from diagnosis to wellbeing.

The Problem: Researching, organizing, and making empowered decisions can be very difficult when time constraints and emotional feelings combine. Creating appropriate and achievable health goals, in each phase of the patient journey, and communicating those goals and decisions to your healthcare providers can also prove to be extremely challenging. Additionally, it can be difficult to find a healthcare professional trained in nutrition and exercise, able to help develop a safe “active lifestyle” plan for you.

Our Solution: Bridge Coaching sessions will help you understand, optimize, document, set and communicate your health goals in an efficient and effective way. They can also aid in creating an “active lifestyle” diet and exercise plan to optimize your long term health.

Bridge Coaches can help you:

  • List and answer critical questions for all phases of the patient journey, from diagnosis to wellbeing
  • Develop achievable health goals to accelerate your transition through each phase
  • Organize your documentation and communication to help you get the most from meetings with your doctors and healthcare professionals
  • Develop exercise knowledge for and about yourself, then craft a program for you
  • Understand and practice nutrition for optimum health and as a tool to help prevent recurrence and other chronic disease
The education, support and community here has brought together a group of patients in a way I’d never before imagined. It’s been a lifesaver! \
Albert, prostate cancer survivor
MyBridge4Life, the plan, the patients, the caregivers and most of all the friendships I have made have been an invaluable tool in my understanding, planning, and recovering as a prostate cancer patient and survivor. I highly recommend this Survival Guide and these Guided Services. \
geneknight, prostate cancer survivor
Dr. Sender highlights, cancer prevention and early diagnosis is fundamentally key in decreasing the incidence of cancer. These services can help empower AYA patients. \
Ali Ansary, healthcare professional