Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA)
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Featuring: Dr. Leonard Sender, M.D.

Dr. Sender is board certified both in Pediatrics and Pediatric Hematology/Oncology with professional interests strongly centered on the diagnosis, treatment, and epidemiology of adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancer (patients aged 15 to 39). He is Medical Director of the Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Program in the Hyundai Cancer Institute at Children

Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Cancer Survival Guide Video and eBook contains:

  • Introduction to AYA Cancer from Dr. Sender
  • An overview of the AYA Cancer patient journey
  • A phase by phase walk through of what to expect, questions to ask your physicians at each phase, and health goals to consider in each phase of your journey
  • Evidence based research and reference to cover ALL AYA cancers from both and the National Cancer Institute, with specific information targeted for the diagnosis, treatment, healing and wellbeing phases
  • Specific information and back-up resources for fertility preservation, surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, clinical trials and much more
  • Samples from other Bridge Builders who have gone through the entire journey, from diagnosis to wellbeing, for information and support
  • "what you need to know" information compiled from the National Institutes of Health databases
  • A very comprehensive eBook companion with evidence based expanded research, medical references, "must ask" critical questions, and much more. This eBook is designed to go with you to every visit with your healthcare providers and serve as a resource for years to come.
Dr. Sender highlights, cancer prevention and early diagnosis is fundamentally key in decreasing the incidence of cancer. These services can help empower AYA patients. \
Ali Ansary, healthcare professional
I think that this is an amazing tool and resource for newly diagnosed patients and their families. I know that my journey would have been so much different had I had these resources when i was just starting out. \
barb, AYA ovarian cancer survivor
My Bridge 4 Life helped me pull together my team, my strongest allies, and then helped me create my battle plan. The Guided Services are like a class in survival knowledge, taught really well. \
eileen, AYA thyroid cancer survivor